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Restful nights are within your reach, so don’t hesitate to reach out today to discover how I can be of assistance. A good night’s sleep for your baby is just around the corner, so get in touch today to find out how support from a baby sleep consultant can help you.

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Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

Baby Sleep Consultant Supporting Parents In The UK

I work with parents to create effective baby and child sleep plans

I am a certified baby and child sleep consultant based in Southampton, Hampshire, but dedicated to assisting tired parents, babies and children across the UK. No matter what the sleep issue may be, I am here to support you with gentle, responsive sleep solutions and effective sleep routines.

With my certified diploma in Autism, Anxiety & Sleep, I am equipped to support parents and caregivers of children with autism, anxiety, and ADHD.

Restful nights are within your reach, so don’t hesitate to reach out today to discover how I can be of assistance. A good night’s sleep for your baby is just around the corner, so get in touch today to find out how support from a baby sleep consultant can help you.

Gentle and Personalised Sleep Solutions for Your Little One

Prioritse your Baby’s sleep with my personalsied support from a baby sleep consultant so the whole family can get the rest they need

Gentle, responsive sleep training

Gentle, responsive sleep training

My baby sleep consultant methods are gentle and responsive. The days of “cry it out” are gone and we now understand so much more about how we can support our little ones to sleep well.

Bespoke support to meet your needs

My baby sleep consultant work is bespoke and tailored to your little one and your family. There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to sleep training and every family is different, so this is the basis I work on.

Personalised sleep plans, schedules and advice

My baby sleep consultant plans are personalised to your specific situation and child’s temperament. They incorporate your sleep goals and the method that will deliver the best outcome for your family.

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Baby and child sleep consultant

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Tailored Sleep Training Packages for Peaceful Nights

My sleep training packages are designed to meet different needs and ultimately help your child get the sleep they need.

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Get to Know Amy Crichton, Certified Baby Sleep Consultant

Getting Clara to sleep was always a challenge until I discovered gentle, responsive baby sleep methods

Hi! I’m Amy. I’m a certified baby and child sleep consultant and mummy to my little girl, Clara. When Clara was a baby she suffered from reflux. She was understandably uncomfortable sleeping on her back, so my husband and I were up through the night allowing her to sleep upright on us – the only way she would sleep! We were exhausted! By six months, Clara’s reflux had cleared up but her sleep onset association (i.e. sleeping on us) was still there. So I decided to gently sleep train her so all three of us could get a good night’s sleep. And guess what? Within two weeks she was sleeping through the night. We were so proud of her! I now want to help other families to resolve their little one’s sleep issues, whatever they might be. As a sleep consultant I do not believe families need to be sleep deprived. There are gentle, responsive methods we can adopt to get the whole family sleeping soundly. So book a discovery call today and let’s chat sleep!

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Answers to Common Questions About Baby Sleep and Sleep Training

What is sleep training?

Sleep training is the process of supporting your little one to learn the skills to fall asleep independently. If your little one is struggling with their sleep there could be a number of reasons. Working with me means we can delve deeper into your particular situation. I will take many things into consideration, including your child’s personality type and any anxieties you may have, in order to create the most bespoke sleep plan possible. If that sounds good to you, then sleep training could be the right step for your family. You may have been sitting on the fence for a while, not sure whether sleep training is the right move for you, or perhaps you’re worried it just means cry it out. Let me reassure you, sleep training isn’t about cry it out. My techniques are gentle and responsive and most importantly they get results.

How quickly will I see results?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors: the sleep issue we are dealing with; how your little one responds to the sleep coaching training we adopt; and most importantly, how consistent you are. Some families see results within a few days, others see results within a few weeks. It can differ from family to family. One thing is for sure, the more consistent you are, the quicker you will see results.

Will my little one cry?

While we always want to limit unnecessary crying, unfortunately, there is no such thing as a ‘no cry’ sleep training method, but please don’t panic. Remember that crying is communication for little ones. As parents, it’s upsetting to see our children cry, but the important thing is that you will always be responding and showing your little one that you’re there for them when following my sleep plans. I take your child’s temperament and personality into consideration when writing your sleep plan. This enables me to devise a sleep plan that will be the fairest and gentlest approach for your little one to limit crying as much as possible.


When supporting children with autism, ADHD and anxiety, we want to limit any distress and avoid triggers, so my methods are extremely gentle and are based around your little one’s needs.

Does sleep training damage attachment?

The short answer is no. Studies conducted on child attachment styles showed that avoidant and anxious attachments were developed over a period of time, caused either by parents who repeatedly did not respond to their child’s needs or responded inconsistently. Attachment is not developed over a period of days and cannot be altered over such a short period of time either. Consistency is one of the key conditions of secure attachment in children. Parents who responded to their child’s needs in a consistent and loving manner were those who had the strongest attachment. The key to successful sleep training is responding, and doing so consistently. Therefore, it is not possible for sleep training to alter your child’s attachment.

Why is sleep so important?

Most of us know that sleep has a purpose and we’ve all found ourselves using the phrase “I’ll feel better after a good night’s sleep”, but do you know the reasons that make sleep so important? Children achieving the recommended sleep for their age are proven to have better attention spans, better memory and better moods. Sleep aids brain and language development in children, with well rested children developing language skills at a faster rate. As adults, getting sufficient sleep has a multitude of health benefits and, along with a healthy lifestyle, lowers the risk of heart disease, diabetes and depression. You don’t have to live with sleep deprivation. If you’re facing challenges with your little one’s sleep, get in touch today and I can help you resolve those issues so everyone in your family can get the shut-eye they need!